URGE, Winning project of the Bernoulli Lab Challenge

The URGE project, winner of the Bernoulli Lab Challenge, focuses on the analysis of patient pathways in emergency rooms and the optimization of care.

Coordinated by Xavier Allamigeon (Inria and Ecole Polytechnique) and Youri Yordanov (AP-HP, IMPEC University Hospital Federation and Sorbonne University), URGE is based on a collaboration between the Ile-de-France emergency services of the IMPEC FHU University Hospital Federation, the Est Parisien research platform, the Regional Observatory for Unscheduled Care and several Inria teams: Tropical (Inria-Saclay), Aviz (Inria-Saclay) and Dyogene (Inria-Paris).

The objectives are threefold:
– To develop a simulation and visualization tool for flows in emergency structures that is generic, customizable and has a high level of confidence;
– To test different organizations, adaptations or solutions in a risk-free environment for patients;
Enriching expert opinions with results objectified by mathematical analysis, right from the initial screening stage.

Launched in April 2022, the Bernoulli Lab Challenge PAA aims to support a large-scale collaborative research project in digital health. This funding leverages resources needed to attack a goal that is too large to be achieved through more limited funding instruments. The project can thus bring together the expertise of several Inria and AP-HP teams, and possibly one or more external partners.

February 2021 Beginning of the DEPIST-COVID study coordinated by Judith Leblanc (workpackage 4) and promoted by the AP-HP Study aimed…