Autres FHU

SEPSIS : Saclay and Paris Seine Nord Endeavour to PerSonalize Interventions for Sepsis
Responsable : Djillali ANNANE

NeuroVasc : University Hospital Federation – FHU NeuroVasc to improve clinical care, treatment and reserarch in neurovascular disorders
‍Responsable : Hugues CHABRIAT

CHILD : Reducing mortality and severe morbidity in the fist 3 years of life
‍Responsable : Martin CHALUMEAU

DDS-ParisNet : Dental Diseases Network in Paris
Responsable : Catherine CHAUSSAIN & Ariane BERDAL

PROTHEE : Prosthetic joint infections: Innovative strategies to overcome a medico-surgical challenge
Responsable : Anne-Claude CREMIEUX

SENEC : Understanding SENEsCence to improve life course health trajectory
Responsable : Geneviève DERUMEAUX

Hépatinov : Innovations in Hepatology
Responsable : Jean-Charles DUCLOS-VALLEE

I2-D2 : Early Identification of individual Trajectories in NeuroDevelopmental Disorders
Responsable : Pierre GRESSENS

TRUE : InnovaTive the Rapy for immUne disordErs
‍Responsable : Philippe GRIMBERT

PREVENT-HF : Predict & Prevent Heart Failure in Young Subjects
Responsable : Jean-Sébastien HULOT

PHENIX : Excellence network for therapeutics in neuromuscular disorders
Responsable : Pascal LAFORÊT

ADAPT : Addiction and Psychiatry Transformation with Precision Medecine
Responsable : Marion LEBOYER

APOLLO : Personalized medecine in chronic cardiovascular, respiratory, renal diseases and organ transplantation
‍Responsable : Carmen LEFAUCHEUR

CARE : Cancer and Autoimmune / inflammatory diseases Relationships
‍Responsable : Xavier MARIETTE

PROMICE : PRecision Medecine for a cOMphrehensIve CarE of Critically ill patients
Responsable : Alexandre MEBAZAA

MOSAIC : Multiscale Optimized Strategy of Artificial Intelligence-based Imaging Biomarkers in Digestive Cancer Applications in hepatocellular carcinomas and neuro-endocrine tumors
Responsable : Valérie PARADIS

PaCeMM : Paris Center for Microbiome Medecine
Responsable : Harry SOKOL

PREMA : Fighting Prematurity
Responsable : Vassilis TSATSARIS

MAMUTH : Maladies Musculo-Squetettiques et innovations Thérapeutiques
‍Responsable : B FONTAINE, R VIALLE

NOR-SUD : Network of Research in Substance Use Disorders
‍Responsable : Florence VORSPAN